Marketing compliance for pharmaceuticals

Rely on DRA to get your marketing message across while complying with marketing legislation, regulations and the industry’s Code of Ethics. DRA’s experienced team will write and review your marketing messages to ensure that they are both effective and in compliance in the Nordic region.

Our marketing compliance services include:​

  • Writing, preparing and assessing material based on legislation and, where applicable, the industry’s Codes of Ethics​
  • Reviews of claims on the basis of the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) and references​
  • Reviews of brochures, websites, health awareness information campaigns, applications, radio and television commercials, and social media and newspaper advertisements​
  • Reviews of marketing measures (including promotional events, hospitality, cooperation with patient organizations)​
  • Advice related to publication of financial ties​

Rely on DRA’s experienced team to write and review your marketing initiatives. This will make it easy for you to guarantee that the marketing for your pharmaceutical products complies with marketing regulations and legislation. We’ll work together with your marketing team to ensure that your claims are accurate and stand up to scrutiny, and that your references are relevant across the Nordic region.​

Our services for marketing compliance include writing marketing material, evaluating claims for pharmaceutical products and medicines, as well as for food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics and reviewing promotional material for different media channels. We can also review the medical aspects of your marketing initiatives, as well as accurately translating it into other languages.​

Our team is familiar with the marketing legislation, regulations and industry Codes of Ethics in countries across the Nordics. They will help you navigate the different requirements in each country and find the best solutions for your medical product.​

Services for the Pharmaceutical industry