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Hanne Juuti

M.Sc. (Pharmacy) Hanne Juuti came to DRA in 2018, and during her career, she has been involved in various tasks in our different teams. Read below about Hanne’s career path so far and learn what she is up to next.

What is your role, and what are your duties at DRA now?

Right now, I’m in a transition period: I’m about to start as the team leader of our Market Access team. I work on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement matters, and in addition, I have duties related to placing new medicines on the market. I’m the Responsible Pharmacist for one of DRA’s client companies where I’m in charge of their pharmaceutical wholesale activities. In addition, I’m one of the employee members of DRA’s occupational safety and health committee.

How have you grown professionally at DRA?

I joined DRA to get new challenges and new perspectives for my career. This move gave me the opportunity to see the wide range of functions that a pharmaceutical company can have – we have all the same functions at DRA too.

During the years, my role and duties have developed as needed at DRA. I first plunged into marketing authorisation and market access work, but later on, the focus of my work has shifted more and more to the market access area. At some point, I also got involved in quality assurance work, and then I was appointed to the role of Responsible Pharmacist. Change has been constant, and one of the main reasons for that is undoubtedly the fast pace at which DRA has grown.

What is the best part of your job? What do you find fascinating about your job?

The spice of work life at DRA is the support you get from your colleagues. At DRA, I have received a lot of training in both in-house and external training events. The best part of my daily work is collaboration – with both colleagues and clients. And the bigger the project, the more important the role of pair work with a colleague becomes. Especially in the Market Access related processes, I get to collaborate a lot with our clients as we discuss for example their strategies, the reimbursement status of their medicinal products and the possible assessment routes in Finland and the Nordic countries. Collaboration is also the key to networking: you always know, which one of your colleagues is the best expert to help you in each case. It’s also an excellent way to get an overview of everything going on at DRA and to share valuable information within the company.

What is your superpower? What is your expertise in the pharmaceutical field?

I’m always ready for new challenges – like everyone here at DRA. Now that I’m taking on the team leader’s responsibility, I’m excited about the possibility to learn something completely new again.

What makes DRA special?

During the years, DRA has organised a lot of different activities for the employees. One especially worth mentioning is the weekly yoga lesson – I’m a keen yoga enthusiast myself. A relaxing afternoon yoga lesson organised here at the DRA office is a wonderful way to unwind after the working day.

Why would you recommend working at DRA?

DRA serves clients in the Nordic countries as well as in the rest of the Europe, so you’ll get to use your language skills too. Working at DRA is versatile: an employee may be able to switch from one role to another, and the flexible cross-team collaboration even makes it possible to hold different positions in different teams at the same time. This means that you get to challenge yourself, and on the other hand, you get offered interesting new challenges. Our clients keep bringing us new cases too, and the clear benefit of working for several client is that you get to be involved in many therapy areas.