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Pauliina Lajunen appointed as Chief Operative Officer of DRA Consulting: “Towards new challenges via a genetic test”

Pauliina Lajunen (M.Sc. Econ.) started as Chief Operating Officer at DRA Consulting Oy on April 29, 2019. DRA Consulting is a fast-growing expert service company which helps international pharmaceutical companies to bring new medicines available to patients.

Pauliina’s responsibilities include sales, marketing, communication and development of both operative procedures and service models.

“DRA is undergoing a dynamic reform and development phase with a focus on, among other things, digitalisation and influencing public decision-making. In this situation, we welcome additional resources in operative management”, states Kaija Korpiaho-Haga, Managing Director of DRA.

Pauliina has a degree in international marketing and eight years of experience in healthcare and health technology. Her previous work experience includes various positions related to marketing and sales management and business development at e.g. Med Group/ONNI (health and social services) and Docrates Cancer Center. At GE Healthcare Pauliina led a global team which marketed patient monitoring devices.

“At DRA my role as a COO in addition to sales and marketing management deepens and broadens my perspective on the healthcare sector. The focus now lies in the varied needs of international pharmaceutical companies,” Pauliina says.

COO Pauliina Lajunen (on the right) is a highly appreciated addition to our operative management team. Sharing responsibilities with Pauliina allows me to better concentrate on securing the future of the entire company and on strategic management, says Managing Director Kaija Korpiaho-Haga (on the left).

Kaija Korpiaho-Haga is delighted that DRA’s team of almost one hundred pharmaceutical experts is now strengthened by Pauliina’s business and marketing competence to boost growth and internationalization. “Pauliina’s experience on healthcare supplements our existing competences, strengthens DRA’s sales and marketing management and broadens our networks.”

From the first contact with DRA Pauliina Lajunen was impressed by the solid expertise emanating from the company, also shown as high customer satisfaction. She was also inspired by the resolute work for the well-being of the personnel and positive workplace atmosphere by the company’s founders who are still leading the company.

Further discussions on the duties related to the position aroused Pauliina’s interest.

“I see huge potential in increasing sales both in Finland and the Nordic countries as well as in the larger context of Europe. By honing our sales and marketing and developing operative functions and service models even further we can carry on our first-class work safeguarding patients’ health and at the same time grow profitably, also in Europe,” Pauliina summarises.

DRA is the first company in Finland to offer a pharmacogenetic test to its entire personnel as an employee benefit. Pharmacogenetic testing enables customized pharmacotherapy.

“DRA wants to be a forerunner of sensible, rational and tailored pharmacotherapy. By offering this test to our personnel we want to raise awareness about the impact of genetic factors on the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy in an individual,” Kaija Korpiaho-Haga says.

Pauliina Lajunen reports to the Managing Director and is part of DRA’s management team.