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New talents to DRA’s diverse expert teams

Two new colleagues have joined our Marketing Compliance & Medical Services teams: Hanna Ridderheim holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, and she is currently completing her studies to earn a master’s degree in Pharmacy and a master’s degree in Dental Surgery. Biologist, Ph.D. Solja Kalha obtained her doctoral degree in cell and molecular biology, and she has also studied science communication. In addition, Solja has previously worked on developing cancer treatments at HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa).

Elisa Saarnio is the newest addition to our Health Technology team. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Nutrition and a Master of Science in Biology (Animal Physiology). Besides building a strong scientific career, Elisa has previously worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific where she focused on reporting the analytical and clinical performance of In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) products.

Henna Torvi has joined our Regulatory Services team. Henna holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and she has previously worked for example at Oriola where she was involved in marketing authorisation and quality assurance matters.


We warmly welcome all our new colleagues to DRA!