Deed #8: Career Coaching

Top results will be achieved when one has the opportunity to work within individually ideal temperament and motivational area. DRA analysed in co-operation with CareerDesign, the leader in career designing, the natural temperaments and interaction types of all their employees.

This has been helpful in understanding diversity in our teams and differences between individuals as well as in finding best ways for everyone how to manage their own work and tasks. Career coaching also brought joy, well-being and success to everyone’s personal life.

Are you interested in a sustainable career? Use code DRA15 for a free consultation visit from CareerDesign (this code is valid until the end of 2017).

CareerDesign Helsinki is specialized in developing leadership culture from a BLM(Be Like Me)Leadership to a DiverseLeadership culture, where the company’s diversity of innate needs, values, drivers, abilities and interaction styles are gained optimally.

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