Providing great customer experiences

A happy customer is the best feedback we could wish for. That’s why we let customer value, customer experience and customer success guide us in everything we do. We want to be the best possible partner for our customers: one who knows where they are at right now, where they want to go next and how they see the future.

We listen to our customers every step of the way so we can help them produce considerable added value and provide great customer experiences.

We regularly review our customer experiences in different ways and collect feedback so that we can improve. According to our customer satisfaction survey of 2021, our expertise is our biggest strength, netting the highest score in several sections of the survey. Moreover, we are seen as a reliable, high-quality partner that brings added value to the businesses that choose to partner up with us. We also received praise for our smoothly cooperative and service-minded attitude.



The overall score our customers gave us was 4.3 (on a scale from 1 to 5). It was especially delightful to read the open feedback, excerpts from which we have collected in the bullet points below.

  • Very nice people and highly experienced experts, working with them is a pleasure. Everything is always done on time, and the quality of work is sublime.
  • Service-mindedness, a will to help their customers, consultants with cutting-edge expertise and a high degree of adaptability.
  • Their experts have a problem-solving approach and are very committed to their clients.
  • The ability to speak directly and discuss different options, trust, expertise.
  • Transparent, quick and confidential communication. Knowledgeable and high-quality service

Our NPS is 59

It was a pleasure to note that our customers are willing to recommend our services to other companies. Our NPS or Net Promoter Score that measures our recommendation index is 59. Set in proportion, this is a very good result, as scores of 50 and above are considered excellent. The NPS score indicates how likely it would be for a customer to recommend the services of a company to others, and provides important information on how satisfied our customers are.

Good things grow when shared – thank you for the feedback!

For several years, we have thanked those who have responded to our survey by donating saplings to developing countries. This year, too, we have together managed to plant a small wood. A heartfelt thank you to all who participated in the survey!
The survey was carried out by in 2021.