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The Camino de Hope campaign challenges DRA employees to start exercising

When borders were closed and restrictions changed our everyday life in unprecedented ways a year and a half ago, DRA started actively trying to find ways to support its employees’ mental and physical well-being over a remote connection. Inspired by various monthly challenges, we shared baking and well-being tips and Christmas cheer, thanked colleagues and played atmosphere bingo.

DRA employees were also encouraged to come up with ideas about ways to promote a positive atmosphere, community spirit and well-being over a remote connection. On the basis of an idea by an employee, a challenge called Camino de Hope, loosely translated as “The Path of Hope”, was created. The idea of the challenge is to clock up 1,000 kilometres in a year without any help from motors. Many DRA employees took up the challenge, and we were also able to involve our customers.

The goal of Camino de Hope is to inspire people to find the joy of exercise and encourage each other to add more kilometres to the shared total. The most active members of our work community have logged numbers that are many times over the goal of 1,000 kilometres. One of our kilometre champions is Kaisa Hietanen, an expert on the Regulatory team. She has already clocked up more than 3,000 kilometres in the past eight months. Kaisa describes her Camino de Hope journey as follows:

“In my opinion, this has been a nice way to promote team spirit in the middle of day-to-day remote work. I exercise actively in general, mainly by running, but this challenge has inspired me to walk more than usual while listening to audiobooks. For me, exercise has been part of my lifestyle from a young age, but, in the busy day-to-day life of a family with kids, going for a run requires making some arrangements. I mainly run in the morning before work because I’m an early riser and running gives me energy for the rest of the day. Sometimes I also exercise during lunch breaks and in the evening during my kids’ practices.  In addition, I also always try to combine work and leisure-time meetings with outdoor exercise when possible. My sources of motivation have included signing up for running events and my sports watch, which encourages me to complete various exercise challenges and on which I try to log at least 10,000 steps every day.”

The Managing Director of DRA, Kaija Korpiaho-Haga, has also been one of the top contributors to the shared total number of kilometres.  “At DRA, we want to inspire people to have an active lifestyle also as part of our company culture,” says Kaija. “We actively encourage people to take breaks, go for a walk or take part in remote exercise classes and yoga. These are some of the ways in which we promote well-being and, of course, also clock up more steps for Camino de Hope. We want to support our experts in identifying the cornerstones of their well-being during both working days and free time,” says Kaija. “The better we feel, the more we are able to get inspired and motivated, and that is something our customers will also notice.”