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A new digital era is dawning for PBB services

Last autumn, DRA was invited to participate in a pilot project concerned with real-life testing of the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board’s electronic services. We were among the first ones to have an opportunity to test and develop the service and to provide feedback on the system and its use.

The pilot project showed that the new services make submission of price applications much easier. No more printing or copying papers, no burning information on CD or saving it on flash drives, no ordering couriers and no last-minute panic just before the courier arrives. The system also allows you to check that the submission was really made.

In addition, the electronic system makes it easier to track the application while it is being processed. You can see if the necessary documentation has been submitted, the current stage of the application process and for example if the application has already been sent to the Social Insurance Institution for opinion. This reduces the need to call or email the presenting official to ask about the current status of the application.

Submitting supplementary information and further documentation is also easy, as is making all kinds of notifications, and practically all you need to do is press one button. Besides, I have no doubt that the new system will lighten the workload of PBB’s own employees, too.

The pilot project ended at the end of the year, but companies involved in the pilot can keep using the electronic services. The system was to be introduced for more widespread use at the turn of the year, but this has had to be postponed. The goal is that starting in March, all companies will be able to benefit from these very effective services.

If you would like to hear more about the electronic services, ">contact us. We can help you with issues related to service implementation and authorisations as well as submission of applications even before the services are made available officially.