DRA Consulting is nowPharmaLex Finland

As we are merging with the global service provider PharmaLex, our name has been changed to PharmaLex Finland. Being part of PharmaLex Group expands our service portfolio, allowing us to serve you even better and more comprehensively. You now have access to a global network of specialists understanding all regulatory requirements worldwide through the same experts and contact persons as before.

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Navigating market access takes a lot of work, time and knowledge. You can rely on our experts to take care of the hard parts. At DRA, we offer extensive regulatory consulting services for pharmaceuticals, as well as for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVD). We serve a broad range of customers in the health care sectors, and we can handle all the procedures, processes and paperwork needed to ensure a smooth, painless route to market.

Services for pharmaceuticals

DRA Consulting Oy provides expert services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Our services cover everything from planning to implementation, including comprehensive management of business-critical activities.

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Services for Health Technology

DRA Consulting Oy offers expert services to companies who manufacture and sell health technology products, including medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

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Continuous life cycle management

It takes more than the correct documentation to ensure successful market access – it takes continuous attention to detail before, during and after the application process. DRA has the expertise and the resources to deal with regulatory requirements throughout the whole life cycle of pharmaceuticals and health technology products, including strategies, market access and maintenance. Our team also follows the changing regulatory environment to ensure continued compliance.
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Regulatory strategies

A strong strategy ensures a smooth process from product development to market access and regulatory issues related to sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Market entry

Gaining market access for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the Nordics requires special expertise. Ensure the most reliable and fastest way to market.


To keep your products on the shelf, you need a responsible partner that ensures the best in pharmacovigilance and follows the latest requirements in the regulatory field.