Personnel leasing

Do you need a locum, additional resources, special expertise or someone to manage a project? We will provide you with a flexible solution tailored to the changing needs of your company.

Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable and competent, and regular training ensures they keep up to date with new developments in the pharmaceuticals sector.

You found just the right person for us. She manages everything speedily and brings new skills to our team! I am eagerly looking forward to an opportunity to sit down with her and brainstorm future strategies.

We can provide you with professional resources for short-term needs or for a longer period. No need to worry about recruitment or personnel costs, holiday and locum arrangements, occupational healthcare or training – we will take care of all that, and you will only pay for the input of our expert. Knowing what the costs will be also simplifies budgeting and planning.

Personnel leasing – a smart way of securing necessary resources and expertise.

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When working on the client’s premises, our experts can always rely on the support of their colleagues at DRA and have full access to the top-level expertise of all our specialist teams.