Medical Services

Do you need an expert statement or other medical text? Or would you like some help with the scientific review of presentations for events?

Our pharmacological experts are at your service when you need a high-quality medical text or scientific review of marketing materials. We write expert statements, Module 2 sections for marketing authorisations, clinical evaluation reports for medical devices and other medical texts.

Our services include:

  • Medical writing
  • Medical review
  • Training
  • Medical Advisor support services

The accuracy of scientific content communicates a company’s expertise.

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Our marketing team is grateful for the seamless cooperation. You review the content expertly and faster than our own people could.


 I was very satisfied with the texts you wrote last year, and that is why I would like you to also help me this year.

In addition to top medical expertise, our experts also have a thorough understanding of registration, marketing compliance,  pharmacovigilance and price and reimbursement matters, which enables the optimal use of medical expertise in any situation.

Are you facing challenges in entering a new therapy area? Do your field representative need training?

DRA Academy

You can take advantage of our extensive expertise when you need an expert on medical content. With our assistance, your application process will go smoothly and the approval will not be delayed due to factual errors. We will also review the scientific content of your marketing materials so that you can quickly move them to production.