Marketing Compliance

Is promotional material review slowing down product launches? Are you looking for a smooth process and guaranteed marketing compliance of your promotional material?

Working together with your marketing team, our skilled experts ensure that the timing of your marketing measures is correct, your claims accurate and references relevant across the Nordic region. In addition to medicines, we also provide assistance in evaluating claims for food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

Our experts ensure that your medicinal product marketing stands up to scrutiny.

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Examples of assignments:

  • Preparation and assessment of material based on legislation and, where applicable, the industry’s Codes of Ethics
  • Review of claims on the basis of the Summary of Product Characteristics and references
  • Review of brochures, websites, health awareness information campaigns, applications, radio and television commercials, and Facebook and newspaper advertisements
  • Review of marketing measures (including promotional events, hospitality, cooperation with patient organizations)
  • Advice related to publication of financial ties.

Thank you very much for your quick and detailed feedback which helped us finalise the material on time!

Thank you for our fruitful dialogue! Now we know how to proceed!” “I was so sure our great idea would be turned down straight away. I am positively surprised that it only needed a tweak or two to make it work.

Make sure that you get your marketing message right without sacrificing compliance. We know marketing legislation, regulations and the industry’s Code of Ethics inside out and can find the best routes and approaches. We will help you get your marketing message across while also ensuring compliance.

If your promotional material needs reviewing from the medical perspective or translating into another language, or if you need to create abridged prescribing information, look no further – our expert professionals can easily manage these tasks for you.

Bring yourself up to date regarding medicinal product marketing guidelines and interpretations. Order training!

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