Are you worried about multiple medications or continued use of drugs which may no longer be necessary? Do you suspect adverse reactions or interactions?

Feenix is a tool for ensuring successful medication for every drug user. As pharmaceutical experts, we have access to up-to-date information on medicinal products and their effects at all times.

Everybody has the right to safe and appropriate medication.

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The Feenix Medication review service is designed to help you determine whether your medication or that of your loved one or patients is appropriate. Our experts review all medications a person is taking and provide information on their use and effects. This increases adherence to treatment and treatment success. You should have your medications reviewed at least once a year.

Services for private customers

  • FEENIX NEXT follow-up review
  • FEENIX MINI medication check-up

RAIsoft Feenix – Lääkeseula is an electronic tool for care personnel, physicians and healthcare units. It is an easy way to quickly review a patient’s medication. In the case of inappropriate or overlapping drugs, the system alerts the user and offers guidance on how to adjust the medication. Lääkeseula is available as an add-on to RAIsoft.net software.

Learn how to use Lääkeseula through our online course, wherever and whenever is convenient for you.

DRA Academy

Services for care homes and public-sector units

  • Lääkeseula: end-user training
  • FEENIX NEXT follow-up review
  • FEENIX SEMI medication review

What are the benefits of Feenix?

  • Helps reduce adverse reactions and identify and discontinue overlapping drugs
  • Helps eliminate harmful drug-drug interactions and improve medication safety
  • Helps improve the patient’s quality of life and functional status
  • Facilitates the work of physicians and nurses
  • Reduces medication costs and shortens hospitalisation periods.