Market Access and Pricing Intelligence

General reimbursement or hospital access is the key to ensuring the appropriate patient use of new pharmaceutical products. Rely on DRA’s Market Access services to identify the best possible solution for access to the open care or hospital sector markets. We can take care of the whole process for you to get your price and reimbursement status confirmed quickly. We are your partner to gain the defined objectives for your product.

Our pricing and reimbursement services include:​

  • Designing pricing strategies for market access ​
  • Applications for basic and special reimbursement status and price renewal applications in Nordic countries​
  • Advice and support related to hospital drug procurement and hospital access procedures​
  • Health economic evaluation​
  • Price comparisons and price level setting​
  • Reference price system expertise​
  • Preparing and submitting price notifications​
  • Compilation and analysis of local epidemiological information

Rely on DRA’s knowledge to get the best price for your pharmaceutical product in the Nordic markets, with confirmed pricing and reimbursement status.​

At DRA, we provide the industry’s most comprehensive Market Access services and take care of all the pricing procedures for you, including designing your pricing strategy, health economic evaluations and senior level support. Our experts have knowledge of treatment practices in various therapeutic areas and of local registry data and its use in supporting applications and market access. We will give you the support you need to manage the changing healthcare environment, successfully. Our team is familiar with all the local requirements and pricing processes, and we can advise you on the fastest and most advantageous route to market access throughout the Nordic region. This includes preparing the documentation needed for the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board (HILA) and the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) in Finland, as well as documentation for the local authorities in the other Nordic countries.​

Services for the Pharmaceutical industry