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Tuomas Tepponen

M. Sc. (Pharmacy) Tuomas Tepponen joined DRA in January 2019, and like many of DRA’s experts, he works as a consultant inside one of our client companies. Read below Tuomas’ thoughts on being closely involved in the operations of the client company’s quality assurance organisation.

What is your role, and what are your duties at DRA now?

I’m part of DRA’s pharmaceutical wholesale team. My range of duties is rather wide, and currently, 100% of my time is dedicated to work inside one of DRA’s client companies as Responsible Pharmacist being responsible for the quality assurance of the company’s pharmaceutical wholesale activities in Finland.

How have you grown professionally at DRA?

When I joined DRA, I first worked as a quality assurance expert in a client company. After being appointed as Responsible Pharmacist, I have grown professionally from an expert’s role to a manager’s role.

At DRA, all employees are encouraged to attend trainings and to keep learning new things. When I started in this current role, my team leader showed me very clearly that they had full confidence in my competence. That felt good.

I have received mentoring to support the development of my professional skills. The quality assurance work is mostly about interpreting certain rules, and in our team, we constantly discuss on how we should do things in order to do them correctly. At DRA, we have so much expertise in quality assurance and pharmaceutical wholesale activities that the amount of our collective knowledge is simply huge.

What is the best part of your job? What do you find fascinating about your job?

Currently, I’m the only person focused on our client company’s quality assurance work in Finland. What I like perhaps the most in my current position is that there is no one to look over my shoulders and to tell me how to organise my daily work – quite the contrary. I take full responsibility of my work, and I can decide myself which tasks are the most important and what I want to get done within a day.

What is your superpower? What is your expertise in the pharmaceutical field?

Cool-headedness. My current role of Responsible Pharmacist means that from time to time, I need to be able to tolerate high levels of stress. A quality assurance process typically fires when things go wrong. And when they do, you need to keep your head cool.

My colleagues say that I have always been open to trying new things and exchanging views. In my current client company, we have a shared quality assurance system, and there are four Nordic responsible Pharmacists who all may have slightly different views and arguments. That’s why we often need to find a compromise.

What makes DRA special?

The morning coffee break. We have a long tradition of this, and it has been further refined to many different versions – we have even had a special breakfast week at the office. I think it’s special that the employer encourages people to take a moment in the morning to get together and to have a little chat with the colleagues. This sets a nice rhythm for the working day.

Why would you recommend working at DRA?

DRA gives the opportunity to learn many things in a short time and to get experience in working for different companies and in different positions. Naturally, the length of consultation assignments in our client companies varies. My current role may still last long, but at the same time, there is always the possibility to switch to another role within DRA as needed. In addition, at DRA, we believe that everything can be sorted out by talking. You can sense a caring atmosphere in the whole organisation, and I think it’s largely thanks to the company’s management.