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Saima Joutsiniemi

M. Sc. (Pharmacy) Saima Joutsiniemi has worked at DRA Consulting for soon 15 years. Before joining DRA, she had gained experience in pharmaceutical wholesale and quality assurance expert’s tasks. Read Saima’s interesting career story and learn more about the opportunities DRA has offered her during the years.

What is your role, and what are your duties at DRA now?

I work as the team leader of our GDP (Good Distribution Practice) team: my duties include offering guidance to my team members and developing processes, and as an expert in the pharmaceutical wholesale, I organise in-house orientation and training. In addition, I serve DRA’s clients from the pharmaceutical wholesale field by performing for example audits and different kind of investigations.

How have you grown professionally at DRA?

When I joined DRA, I first did marketing authorisation work for quite a long time. It was a new specialty area to me, but to my pleasure, I got to familiarise myself with it at DRA. I was already familiar with the pharmaceutical wholesale regulations, and that’s the expertise I brought with me when I joined DRA.

I’ve received great support in the development of my knowledge and skills at DRA. Moreover, plunging into different clients’ projects is always a bit like starting in a new position – which also constantly increases your knowledge.

I feel that the strength of DRA lies in the fact that we want to share information within the company – and that we also know how to do it. For example, when some of the colleagues attends a one-day training, they organise a one-hour overview session in-house to sum up the key takings from the event. This kind of knowledge sharing offers great benefits also to our clients.

What is the best part of your job? What do you find fascinating about your job?

Definitely the diversity and variety. I have been working at DRA for a long time, but I don’t feel like I had worked in the same company for the whole time because during the years, I have had the chance to see so many companies and so many different positions. At DRA, we work on various areas of the pharmaceutical field. That allows each person to find their own favourite area of expertise, the area in which they want to deepen their knowledge to the maximum extent. The variety of our tasks provides a very good insight into the whole industry – for example for me, it’s a great advantage to have an understanding about marketing authorisation matters and processes too.

What is your superpower? What is your expertise in the pharmaceutical field?

I’m good at adapting the legal texts and requirements into practice; I know how to put into words what is required in each case, for example, what kind of inspections need to be made each year. The requirements need to be translated into reasonable business, and that’s what I’m good at.

In my daily work, my superpower is to roll up my sleeves and get to work, even if I didn’t have answers to all the questions yet.

What makes DRA special?

DRA has an especially good community spirit and a strong culture of getting things done. We are confident that we can make things work. DRA’s owners are closely involved in the day-to-day activities of the company, and I believe that this is why our strategy and objectives can be heard so loud and clearly.

Why would you recommend working at DRA?

DRA offers many possibilities to see different tasks and different clients. Our employees are very talented and enthusiastic. I always enjoy working with them. In addition, we strive towards development: In 20 years, our company has constantly made progress – in many development areas even as pioneers.