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Henriikka Larjomaa

During the past 15 years, M.Sc. (Pharmacy) Henriikka Larjomaa has seen DRA Consulting to grow from a few dozens of employees to over a hundred, and she herself has also been involved in a great variety of tasks. Read Henriikka’s interesting career story below.

What is your role, and what are your duties at DRA now?

I work with marketing authorisations for two client companies and act as a Responsible Pharmacist in a client company. In January 2021 a long and busy working period ended when assignment as Responsible Pharmacist in the previous company ended and at the same time there was a calmer phase in the marketing authorisations related work. It was really refreshing when the desk cleared and it was my turn to help my colleagues with different tasks of a project nature. After the summer, I was ready for new challenges again: in only a few months, I assumed three new responsible roles: I took the reins as the leader of one of our client teams, as one of the team leaders of our Regulatory Unit focused on marketing authorisation matters and as the Responsible Pharmacist for a new client company.

How have you grown professionally at DRA?

I have been involved in both marketing authorisation and quality related work ever since I started working at DRA and have been able to develop my competence in working with clients of different types and sizes. I assumed my first Responsible Pharmacist’s role as a total newbie, and it was then when I realised how important it is that you can trust your colleagues to have your back. At DRA, you can always ask for help from your colleagues, and discuss things. Especially with quality tasks, I have been able to grow together with the client company when the company I was responsible for grew over the years from a small operator to a company with dozens of products and employees.  

What is the best part of your job? What do you find fascinating about your job?

Marketing authorisation related work is very different from quality related work. There are more timetables and deadlines for the marketing authorisation duties, whereas the quality assurance work gives you more freedom to plan your work. Urgent tasks make the work varied and interesting, but on the other hand, they are more challenging timewise. The team leader’s role adds a third different element to my work.

What is your superpower? What is your expertise in the pharmaceutical field?

Positive thinking: “Everything will sort out” is my mantra for anything work related in general and as related to personal relationships at work. I also have a generally positive attitude towards change.

What makes DRA special?

What’s special at DRA is the sense of community, which has maintained well even as the company has grown. In addition to the events organized by the employer, over the years the employees have also come up with ideas, e.g. theatre and weaving clubs. This year, on the personnel’s initiative, we have started trying different sports together. It’s nice that the employer wanted to support the idea financially too, as it was found a great opportunity to get to know not only new sports but also the colleagues. In addition, every new employee gets to introduce themselves in DRA’s monthly meeting for all the personnel. This is a great way to see who’s behind the name, and the new people become immediately part of our community.

Why would you recommend working at DRA?

Hybrid work is allowed and supported, so everyone can choose the best way for them to work based on the type of their tasks and on their personal situation. However, employees are encouraged to come to the office to meet the colleagues face to face every now and then. Another reason why I can recommend working at DRA is the possibility to be involved in various tasks at the same time, beyond team boundaries. The third thing I would like to point out is collegial support. At DRA, I always feel like we are in this together!