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Anne Soikkeli

Doctor of Pharmacy Anne Soikkeli joined DRA about 6 years ago as she shifted from a pharma company to DRA Consulting in aim to learn new things and to get a wider perspective to the pharmaceutical industry. Read below about the diverse career possibilities that working at DRA has offered her.

What is your role, and what are your duties at DRA now?

I work as the team leader of our Marketing Compliance and Medical Services team. My team leader’s duties include managerial tasks, preparing quotes, negotiating contracts and meeting with the clients, and I also offer expert services as a consultant to our clients. At DRA, you can work hybridly: I do remote work, but I also like to go to the DRA office a few days per week.

How have you grown professionally at DRA?

I came to DRA to work as a marketing compliance expert and consultant for our client companies. Quite soon there were some changes in the DRA personnel, and I was offered the team leader’s position.

I didn’t have any previous experience in managerial work, but I have received a lot of training for it at DRA. DRA’s managers are taken very good care of. We have a super HR team that is always there to support you. It’s a pleasure to do managerial work when you have such professionals to have your back.

What is the best part of your job? What do you find fascinating about your job?

The fast pace – it’s interesting to see so much happening around you all the time and to get to be involved in so many things. I can leverage my strong experience in marketing compliance, and on the other hand, I get to participate in developing DRA’s operations.

In the past few years, DRA has grown quickly to over one hundred employees. Introducing new experts to the work at DRA is therefore constantly underway. All the new colleagues may not have much previous experience in the field, and I love to share my knowledge and help them to find their place in the pharmaceutical industry. Having started from very basic questions with someone, it’s incredibly rewarding to notice that after a while, we are already discussing as equals, both as experts in the field.

What is your superpower? What is your expertise in the pharmaceutical field?

Enthusiasm and ardour towards everything new, and the will to learn and progress. There’s an endless chaos on my desk, but somehow all pieces just fall into their places. I’m pretty trusting by default; I believe that things will work out. This can-do attitude surely translates into good service to our clients: they can trust that we will handle their projects and that we can provide them with the extra resources they need.

What makes DRA special?

Above all, the amazing colleagues. In addition, at DRA, you get to see a lot of different client companies of different sizes who all have their own ways to operate. DRA is an excellent vantage point to the marketing compliance processes in the industry. We know what is happening around pharmaceutical marketing – and that’s a big plus for our clients too.

Why would you recommend working at DRA?

DRA is definitely the right place for a person who is interested in the pharmaceutical industry, who likes working in a fast-paced environment involving a lot of changes and variation, and who is not afraid to take on new challenges.