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Great talents joining DRA


Outi Virtanen, M.Sc. and pharmacist, is the new Team Leader of the Market Access team. Outi has extensive expertise in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry, introduction of new pharmaceutical products to patients and pharmaceutical product life-cycle management at Bayer and Sanofi as a Market Access and Health Economics Manager.

The Pharmacovigilance team is also led by a new Team Leader, Jaana Palomäki, Ph.D (Toxicology) and pharmacist. She has worked at Santen as a Pharmacovigilance Expert and at Tukes as a Senior Officer, and she has vast experience in pharmacovigilance tasks and risk assessments.

Katariina Järvinen, B.Sc. (Biomedicine), has joined our Pharmacovigilance team. She is currently finalising her Master’s thesis related to ischemic stroke in the Translational Medicine training programme at the University of Helsinki.

Pharmacist and bioanalyst Soile Sundholm is the newest addition to our Pharmaceutical Wholesale team. She has worked at Orion as a QA Pharmacist and in the pharmaceutical dosage formulation R&D laboratory. Soile is experienced in quality assurance for tablet packaging.