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Experienced experts and fresh top performers join our DRA team

During this spring, many experienced experts and fresh top performers have joined our team.

The team of Marketing supervision and Medical services has been complemented with two new top experts. Kati Mönkkönen, Ph.D., has years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. from Sanquin and Biogen. Her experience especially covers medical assignments. Anna Hiltunen, who is defending her dissertation on industrial pharmacy this summer, also brings her expertise to our Pharmaceutical-chemical services.

Pharmacist Daniela Wollstén has started working in the GDP team. In addition to a pharmacy, she has previously worked at Oriola and on the introduction of Apotti at the City of Helsinki health station.

Pharmacist Lotta-Maaria Leinonen has joined the Marketing authorization team. Lotta-Maaria already has experience in pharmacovigilance, quality, and marketing authorization tasks, e.g. at Biocodex and Pharma Relations.

Janina Järvinen, who has just graduated as a pharmacist (M.Sc, Pharm) has started in the Market access team. Janina has previous experience working for the The Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board, where she has completed an internship as a college intern.

Pia Mustakangas is currently completing a six-month internship at DRA via Saranen’s HealthTech Academy training program. Pia has a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences and has studied chemistry at master’s level. Her previous duties include working as a quality manager in an organ transplant laboratory, working with e.g. quality system construction, accreditation and audits.

We warmly welcome everyone to DRA!