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DRA welcomes new professionals

DRA continues to grow and we are proud to introduce our new team of experts:


Pharmacist (M.Sc, Pharm) Henna Juvonen has started working in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Services team as a CMC expert. In addition to having over 10 years of industry experience Henna is very close to finalising her specialisation studies in Industrial Pharmacy.

Pharmacist (M.Sc, Pharm) Elsi Tuominen brings new and fresh expertise to our GDP team.

Our Regulatory team has been strengthened as Militsa Kukko and Roosa Bäck, both B.Sc. (Pharm), joined the company. Roosa is also completing her Master’s degree in Chemistry. Both have previously worked with regulatory affairs at Fimea.

Pia Mustakangas continues as an expert for our Health technology team. Her well established skills have already been put to good use during her internship period. Pia has extensive prior work experience working with IVD medical devices. Her previous duties include working as a quality manager and a quality chemist both in a research setting and in an industrial role for a company working in the IVD field.

B.Sc. (Pharm) Jasmin Pyrhönen, who is also a soon-to-be Pharmacist (M.Sc, Pharm) has started working in the Regulatory team. Jasmin has worked in pharmacies in both Finland and Norway, her latest experience is from Farmania Oy.

BBA Vilhelmiina Peltoniemi has also joined DRA and now works as our invoicing specialist.

Welcome to DRA!