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DRA Consulting donates to University of Helsinki coronavirus research

The whole world now shares a common goal: finding a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help solve this acute crisis and support our society to recover. DRA believes in the power of science and research, therefore we decided to donate to University of Helsinki coronavirus research.

We were among the first companies to donate and now call for others in the pharmaceutical industry to join in

So far, the University of Helsinki’s coronavirus research has been funded with over 200,000 euros by 550 donors. DRA was one of the first companies to donate, and we now call for others in the pharmaceutical industry to join in. By donating we can all help researchers discover solutions to treat coronavirus infections.

University of Helsinki leading the research on coronavirus

Researchers in the University of Helsinki are working tirelessly to develop new diagnostics and drug therapies to treat COVID-19 infections. By developing predictive diagnosis, we can also prepare for future challenges. The current research is vitally important for health care and for societies’ ability to function, both in Finland and across the globe.

Please join in and donate. We can beat this crisis together!

For more on donating, please see the University of Helsinki’s website