How to get most from regulatory outsourcing?

News • 25.01.2018

Regulatory outsourcing can result in improved compliance, greater transparency, higher productivity, increased cost-effectiveness, and desired strategic outcomes. This is the conclusion of an article in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology (Vol 40, number 9, 2017).

Regulatory outsourcing partnerships can be refined and optimized by following three simple rules:

– Define your needs and goals, and start a partnership that fits your deliverables and costs
– Mind the transition with clear roles and responsibilites
– Support and govern the relationship.

The journal has cited our expert Anu Gummerus’s article “Values and Disadvantages of outsourcing in the regulatory affairs tasks in pharmaceutical industry in EU countries”.

Success requires bespoke solutions supported by management and nurtured by robust communication and strong governance. Done right, regulatory outsourcing adds value!