DRA invites grant applications for research projects in pharmacogenomics

News • 04.09.2017

DRA celebrates its 15th anniversary by issuing a grant of 15,000 euros to a young researcher or a research group for a research project in pharmacogenomics.

– Application of genomic data to pharmacotherapy entails huge, yet largely unused, possibilities. The efficacy and safety of many active substances depend upon each patient’s individual genome. We can see that utilization of genomic data has started a new era in pharmaceutical development and that this will revolutionize not only pharmacotherapy but also pharmaceutical research and requirements for regulatory documentation. Therefore we want to award this grant for a research project in pharmacogenomics with applications to pharmacotherapy, says Kaija Korpiaho-Haga, Managing Director of DRA Consulting Oy.

How to apply

Click the link to apply for the grant with an electronic application form. (in Finnish)

The evaluation criteria are the following: the study deals with pharmaceutical development and pharmacotherapy; the degree of innovativeness of the study protocol; the applicant’s motive as a researcher and his/her progress record (statement by a supervisor/letter of recommendation); feasibility of the study; and the significance of the grant for successful outcome of the research project.

The application period closes on October 30, 2017. The grant recipient will be announced in December.

15 years – 15 deeds

The theme of our anniversary year is Sharing makes the good grow. To celebrate this theme, we will reveal our 15 deeds demonstrating caring and joint responsibility – the research grant is the first one.