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DRA Consulting Oy is the trusted partner of more than 300 pharmaceutical and health technology companies in Europe. We are a forerunner in regulatory expertise with a thorough understanding of the entire life cycle of medicinal products and medical devices. We work with you as a strategic partner and we use our full range of knowhow for your benefit to support all aspects of your business. Our mission is to find you the fastest route to success.


Our values can be seen in our daily work with our clients, partners and colleagues. They govern everything we do to reach together our common goals. The way we work is based on three value pairs:

& Trust

True cooperation is built on genuine teamwork. We act honestly, and we deliver what we have promised. We respect the confidentiality of the relationships with our clients.

& Enthusiasm

We are open to the suggestions from our clients and responsive to new ideas. Together, we build an inspiring atmosphere that gives room for ideation and creativity.

& Training

We constantly want to develop ourselves, progress and embrace new things. We share knowledge, data and skills. Our operations are transparent, open and participatory.

Corporate responsibility

We are a proud holder of the Green Card Quality® certificate, granted by the international certification body Kiwa Inspecta. This certification covers a selection of requirements considered by major players as the most important in the ISO 9001 standard. The certification shows that our company strives for high quality as well as safe, environmentally responsible and ethical activities, and works in a customer-oriented and systematic manner at all milestones to reach an even higher quality level.


More than 100 experts work at DRA, enabling you to have flexible resourcing solutions and back-up personnel, even at short notice.

We are a founding member of EuDRAcon, the pan-European network of independent service providers in the pharmaceutical industry.

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