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New COVID‑19 vaccine swiftly launched to the market in tight timeline

Company prepared the launch of vaccine in extremely tight timeline. They needed help to prepare linguistically and medically correct product information texts in extremely tight timeline.

Success for the client – health for everyone

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, a pharmaceutical company developed a new urgently needed COVID‑19 vaccine. To get through the marketing authorisation application process as smoothly as possible and to introduce the new vaccine to the Finnish market, they needed

  • translations of the English product information texts into Finnish and Swedish
  • both linguistic and medical review of all the material
  • ready‑to‑use translated documents for the authority inspection
  • a trustworthy linguistic partner that would be able to follow the tight timeline imposed by the EU health authorities.

Solution Offered by DRA

  • Experienced DRA in house translators translated all materials and performed a linguistic review. Client specific translation memory was used. DRA Medical team was consulted in very complex text parts.
  • After translations, DRA Medical team checked the medical correctness of texts.
  • Due to tight timeline, all three steps were performed partly in parallel to be able to meet the tight timeline.

Benefits Delivered

  • The client received fluent, medically correct high-quality translation, which was ready to be submitted to the authorities as such.
  • The client managed to meet the tight timeline given by the authorities (only a few days).
  • The marketing authorization was granted as planned and client was able to launch the much-awaited vaccine.

DRA’s wide-ranging linguistic and medical service offering and proven expertise in the pharmaceutical field made it an optimal partner for the challenging assignment.

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