Pharmaceutical production is not set up overnight

new pharmaceutical production is not set up by clicking fingers. The process is slow and multi-stage, and everything is done in the name of patient safety.


COVID-19 vaccine: 10 years of work in 10 months, how was this possible?

Read our expert blog how was it possible to develop a safe and effective vaccine within this timeline.


When two become one: The merger of pharmaceutical companies always creates turmoil behind the scenes

Mergers of pharmaceutical companies always involve big changes and difficult decisions. What should be done with the role of the responsible person when there will only be one position left after the merger? Read about our thoughts on the topic on our blog.


A typical day in the life of a consultant (even in emergency conditions)

Emergency conditions or not, we move forward with our daily lives. Amidst the meetings, processing, and consultation, we always make time for a quick online coffee meet-up.


Ensuring availability of medicines amidst the coronavirus crisis requires flexibility

How are we ensuring availability in Finland today, and what more could we do? See our blog for a list of measures in place.


When the patient is in charge – thoughts at a pharmacy’s OTC shelves

Customers often head for a pharmacy also in matters not involving prescription medicines, and the selection of OTC medicines seems dizzying even to a pharmaceutical professional.


Why pharmacies run short of medicines – should we be worried?

Issues related to availability of medicines have been in the headlines in all over Europe.


What if you could read a package leaflet without a magnifying glass – and the leaflet also gave you advice?

In future, the package leaflet may be an electronic smart document which reminds you to take your pill or to renew a prescription.


Brexit is coming – is your product portfolio ready?

Many pharmaceutical companies have not yet submitted the necessary applications, and the deadline is already around the corner.


Clear language saves time and money – also in the pharmaceutical industry

From the perspective of a person working in the pharmaceutical industry, the benefit/risk relationship of clear language is solely positive as benefits are numerous yet there are no adverse effects at all.


Multilingual Nordic packages against availability problems

Multilingual Nordic packages are an important option for making medicines available in as many countries in the Nordic region as possible.


A new digital era is dawning for PBB services

Last autumn, DRA was invited to participate in a pilot project concerned with real-life testing of the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board’s electronic services.

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