MD/IVD Regulation causes changes to national legislation in EU member states

 A new Finnish national legislation has entered into force.


Sales is undergoing major changes: from personal selling to hybrid selling led by COVID-19

Experiences in successful adaptation of B2B service selling during these exceptional times.


Mode of action defines whether your product is a medicinal product or a medical device

Medicinal products and medical devices alike can be used to diagnose, prevent, treat, and alleviate diseases, or to correct, restore or modify physiological processes.


Do you know which designation codes are applicable to medical devices manufactured by your company?

When a manufacturer applies for conformity assessment from a notified body (NB), the type of devices and technologies subject to conformity assessment activities are to be indicated using designation codes.


Notified Body – A business-critical relationship

Long-lasting relationships with notified bodies (NBs) are important and also business critical for many medical device manufacturers.


Is your product a medicinal product, a medical device, or both?

Determining which legislation a product falls under is essential. When the question of which legislation applies to a product is not unequivocal, the term borderline products is used.


What is a PRRC and why is it necessary to have one when the new MD Regulation enters into force?

One of the most significant new regulatory provisions is related to the increased requirements for internal monitoring by companies, namely the designation of a Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC).


The MD Regulation is entering into force – is your quality management system in order?

If your company works in the field of medical devices, it is important for you to know that the new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR, EU 2017/745) requires all manufacturers of medical devices to have a quality management system.


Reporting of adverse drug reactions protects users of pharmaceutical products

Adverse reactions are carefully monitored in clinical trials before a drug enters the market, and after that they remain under constant monitoring throughout the life cycle of the drug. Every report on adverse drug reactions is important for the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of a drug.


Pharmaceutical production is not set up overnight

new pharmaceutical production is not set up by clicking fingers. The process is slow and multi-stage, and everything is done in the name of patient safety.


COVID-19 vaccine: 10 years of work in 10 months, how was this possible?

Read our expert blog how was it possible to develop a safe and effective vaccine within this timeline.


When two become one: The merger of pharmaceutical companies always creates turmoil behind the scenes

Mergers of pharmaceutical companies always involve big changes and difficult decisions. What should be done with the role of the responsible person when there will only be one position left after the merger? Read about our thoughts on the topic on our blog.

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